Sustainability/ESG Reporting – Planning the Process from A-Z – Webinar with Danske Bank

09.02.2022 | 9:00 - 9:45

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This webinar is part of a webinar-series on the topic Sustainability & ESG Reporting” brought to you in collaboration between CSR Forum, SDG Leadership, Danfoss, Bureau Veritas, Danske Bank, Department of Accounting at Copenhagen Business School & Better Energy.

Inputs on the webinar

  • Title: Sustainability/ESG Reporting – Planning the Process from A-Z
  • Content: Best Practice & Q&A
  • Guest speaker: Johan Dahl, Chief Sustainability Consultant, Danske Bank


  • CEOs, CFOs, CSR/ESG/SDG/Sustainability directors/managers/advisors from larger corporations that are obliged legally to report on CSR/ESG/Sustainability (99a)

Our aim with the webinar-series

  • Our aim with this webinar-series is to create an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral perspective on the topic. We want to explore and unfold the complexity of the topic and together with the audience find and share best practice, new ways and solutions

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