“Transforming into a Sustainable Corporation” – CSR Forum Academy – Lecture 1 – Free Entrance for Members

26.04.2017 | 17:30 - 19:00

Solbjerg Campus in Room SP 202., Solbjerg Plads 2 , 2000 Fredriksberg

Oikos Copenhagen and CSR Forum would like to invite you to be part of one of the lectures in our Academy during in 2017.

The overall theme for our spring semester is Sustainability in Supply Chain Management, we have had two previous “pilot” lectures on the subject entitled “Best Practice Supply Chain Management” and “Closing the Loop” (Sustainability in Logistics and Reverse Logistics).

This lecture one is themed “Transforming into a Sustainable Corporation”. It will be held on the Wednesday the 26th of April at 17h30, also on Solbjerg Campus in Room SP 202.

The lecture would present the changes and challenges companies face when transitioning to a more sustainable supply chain. Within this theme, we are quite flexible as to what you would like to present. It can include different parts of the supply chain that your company has had particular struggles with to become more sustainable and how you faced these challenges. It can include how sustainability has produced the need for more transparency along the supply chain, as well as how including sustainability in a company  demands a new company strategy.

For this lecture, we among other have Accenture presenting on the topic of Disruption through dematerialization of production and consumption.


If you wish to participate in the lecture on the 29th of March at 17h30 please reach out and inform us here